Luke 2:49
We are always looking for volunteers. You will find that in volunteering, you will find happiness and strength.

        Soul's Ministries

Welcome to Souls Ministries. We have been serving the southwest (New Mexico & Texas) and the local Mexican border cities and towns since 1995. We obtained our 501 C3 status in August 2006.

This ministry started off with a couple of people winning lost souls. Winning souls was and is our main goal. God has increased this work in an amazing way. He has lead and kept us in the front line. Almost everything God has us doing is EXTREME! It's been exciting and miraculous. In the last 15 years, He has taken us from building orphanages, ministering in different prisons, helping flood and fire victims, building homes to working and moving into the inner city of Juárez Mexico.

Please help us take the gospel to a hurting region!

One of our events in Las Cruces:

Kids Kindness Day has been Canceled by the City of Las Cruces.   
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